Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes from November 13, 2009

Since it’s Friday, that means Jimmy Fallon will be catching up on his Thank You Notes tonight on Late Night. To hold you all over until it comes on, I thought I’d post a video of some old ones. These are Jimmy’s Thank You Notes from this time last year. Let’s see how much has changed in the last year. :)


((Click picture to watch video))


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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 11/9/10

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon review of episode #342


It always makes me happy when Jimmy comes out looking fantastic..not that he doesn’t always..but last night his pink tie just completed him πŸ™‚ Then to top it off, he got all up in the camera being cute as always. I think his impressions took over the monologue. Gotta love his Oprah impression and his Clinton one was hilarious.

After the monologue he talked about the Late Night iPhone app again and showed the Are You In Muldova? part of it. HILARIOUS! I wonder what it would do if you were actually in Muldova.. Hah!

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Aww Hell No!

#awwhellno is my favorite hashtag Jimmy has started by far! He’s all excited about it, it’s been the number 1 trending topics list, and the way he says it is priceless πŸ™‚ Since we have to wait until tonight to hear Jimmy’s favorites, I thought I would post some of my favorites now to share with you all.

@joebott: @jimmyfallon I just got beat in a game of pool by a guy playing with mannequin arms!? #awwhellno

@cheesehead1976: I know @jimmyfallon didn’t just look me in the eye, tell me to ‘listen up’ then call me a turkey! #awwhellno!

@Cincodemayo55: @jimmyfallon who ordered extra mayo!?! #awwhellno

@Nebocsid: @jimmyfallon #awwhellno People who interupt to ask if they can interupt. C’mon douche bag, you can wait the 30 seconds for me to finish.

@213ViC: @jimmyfallon Are you holding up the express line with more than twelve items and top it off by paying with bag full of change? #awwhellno

@SDSUtrevonte: @jimmyfallon my roommate tried to change the channel during jimmy time…i had to slap tha hoe #awwhellno.

@Mama_Wolf_2009: @jimmyfallon The little twerp at the McDonalds drive through gave me Italian dressing with my Southwest salad. Blind or stupid? #awwhellno

@EmceE2DJSoGnar: @jimmyfallon #awwhellno, I didn’t bombproof my horse!

@squigglywhosan: @jimmyfallon brother stole the frame right off my amanda bynes autographed photo #awwhellno that’s not what I like about him

@Sony1147: @jimmyfallon So you need these pictures of your family opening christmas presents developed in the one hour? Lady it’s July. #awwhellno

@mollyzervoulis: Crushin on @jimmyfallon . What do you mean we’re not getting married?! #awwhellno

@NYGirl81: @jimmyfallon got an email from a co-worker saying how much she doesn’t like the chick behind her. I sit behind her. #awwhellno

@sayheyjojo: @jimmyfallon when my date asked me if it was possible to swim under North America i knew it was time to leave #awwhellno

Which ones are your favorites?? Comment and let me know or send me some other ones that I missed πŸ™‚

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What is your favorite Late Night Series?

Vote now!


Comment with why your favorite is you favorite πŸ™‚

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What Every Jimmy Fallon Fan Needs

A lot of people have been asking about Jimmy’s album and books a lot lately so I thought I would make a post of Jimmy Fallon things that his fans might be interested in having. Just click on the pictures to go to the link to view details or to buy these items.

The Bathroom Wall

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 11/8/10

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon review of episode #341


Another week of Late Night was off to a great start with Jimmy’s funny monologue. I’ve decided that Jimmy can make anything funny. Doesn’t matter what the content of the joke is, if Jimmy keeps on going with it, it will be funny in the end. He goes on and on and then does accents and impressions to go with the jokes and it makes then 4389745 times funnier! I love that about him. One of my favorite jokes of the monologue was the one about the Queen of England getting her own facebook page. Jimmy doing an impression of the queen + the joke = brilliant πŸ™‚ Also have you guys ever noticed how many China/dog eating jokes Jimmy tells? Hahah! So hilarious! I’d have to say the greatest moment of the Monologue was Jimmy’s drunk impression. HILARIOUS! He might be a little too good at it if yo know what I mean πŸ˜‰ Hahaha!

Whatever the time in between the monologue and the next segment is called, was great too. Mentioned the New York Magazine article which is my favorite if you guys couldn’t tell already πŸ™‚ “My big fat dumb head there” was so funny! It took me twice to catch it though. Lol. Jimmy’s just hilarious.. He also mentioned the new Late Night app for the iPhone. Go get that if you haven’t already! It’s a fun time!

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Quotes From ‘Mr. Sunshie’

I loved New York Magazine’s article about Jimmy Fallon so much that I kinda haven’t stopped reading it all day. It explained why Jimmy is so FANTASTIC and pointed out all of the reasons why we all love him so much! My favorite part of the whole thing would have to be all the quotes. Since I loved the quotes so much I decided to share some of my favorites::

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