Top Ten Favorite Late Night Moments Since November 19th

So sorry I haven’t posted on here in a whiles guys. That’s why school sucks! I will be taking my last final of the semester tonight so I thought it was a good day to start blogging about Jimmy again 🙂 Since I haven’t posted anything on here since November 19th, I thought it would be a good idea to list my Top Ten favorite Late Night moments since then. I hope you enjoy!

10 – Interview with The Situation

I love Jersey Shore and I especially love Jimmy’s obsession with it. I have been waiting for the day when Jimmy had someone from Jersey Shore on his show. It finally happened..[insert fist pump here] 😉

9 – Deetch’s First Salad

When I first heard that Deetch had never eaten a salad I was stunned. A grown man who has never even taken one bite of salad is just ridiculous to me. I’m so proud of him that he tried one and actually kinda liked it. Here’s some behind the scenes footage leading up to the big moment.


8 – Crafts with Martha Stewart

It’s always a good night when Jimmy has Martha on the show. Seeing Jimmy trying to make something, then getting excited when he actually does it is adorable! To sum this clip up:: Jimmy + Alcohol + Crafts = PERFECTION!


7 – Cooking with Bobby Flay

The one thing better than watching Jimmy make crafts is watching Jimmy cook. I love when he has chefs on the show, but it’s more fun when competition is involved. I don’t know why he even tries..Sorry Jimmy, but I don’t think you will ever beat a chef at cooking.


6 – Interview with Bill Hader

I also love when people from SNL are on Late Night. They have a different chemistry with Jimmy than other guests do. They have their little inside jokes and Jimmy really understands what they are doing instead of just watching a movie/show or reading a book. This was my favorite interview with Bill Hader because Stefon is one of my all time favorite SNL characters and we get a little info on him.


5 – John Boehner Impression

Jimmy’s impressions are always my favorites. He does an amazing job at them. He doesn’t get much of a chance to do a full impression of someone on his show so when he does, I love it! It takes me back to his SNL days. Speaking of him on SNL..Host soon please Jimmy?? 🙂


4 – Reflections with Justin Bieber

These get better and better each time. Jimmy is so hilarious as Justin Bieber. This one makes me happy because it has a guest star and GARY FRICK is back! 🙂


3 – Scrambled Eggs

One, Paul McCartney is the guest. How awesome is that?! Two, Jimmy sings. Three, Jimmy and Paul sing a funny song TOGETHER! Four, it’s just awesome 🙂


2 – Santa Baby Rant

Thank You Notes are always the highlight of my week. Last Friday’s were especially funny though because of Jimmy’s anger towards the song “Santa Baby”. The things he doesn’t like are just hilarious. I think I’ve said “What is this? Candy?” about 15 times a day since these Thank You Notes aired. SO funny!


1 – Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favorite guests Jimmy has had on Late Night. The first time he was there he sang with Jimmy about hedgehogs doing karate. I didn’t know what could top it. Talking sandwiches..that’s what! [It helped that this was my birthday episode too ;)]


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