Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young

Jimmy impersonating Neil Young is one of my favorite things ever! I just can’t get enough of it. Last night’s “Whip My Hair” one was the best yet. HILARIOUS! Loved that Bruce Springsteen came out to sing too. Since I love this so much I thought I’d post all the videos in one place for you guys/myself to easily find easily 🙂

Fresh Prince Theme Song:

Pants On The Ground:

Double Rainbow:

Whip My Hair:

Which Jimmy Fallon/Neil Young song is your favorite?? 🙂


About fallonfans

College student from St. Louis I've loved Jimmy Fallon since his SNL days. :)
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One Response to Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young

  1. KT26McC says:

    Ive only watched the Pants on the Ground and the Whip my Hair!! They are so funny!! I think my favorite one is Whip my hair! I sent the video to my dad and he definitely wouldve been fooled if I hadnt have said something…he said he looked like a young Neil for sure!! Love it!!

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